Carding machine
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This machine is used for fully carding the fiber baft following opening and blending, then forming parallel or random web through doffer and random if required, which is then supplied to the next processes.
The carding machines cover all types of fiber, synthetic and natural fibers etc, from very fine to very coarse deniers, fiber length up to 120mm.
Card with cylinders up to 1,5meters in diameter and up to 2.5 meters in width are produced as normal standard.
Card main cylinders are balanced to a surface speed of 1500meters/per min, output speed up to 80m/min, web weight 12-60gram/ m2.
Card capacity is depending upon card type, fiber denier, types of fiber but can be excess of 800kgs/per hour.
All types of card both single and double doffers can be fitted with randomizer rollers or nor dependent on customer's needs.
All drives including main drive, doffers, workers, feed rolls etc are variable speed. Metal detection devices are standard on feed rolls.
Card wires can be supplied as surface wound or interlocking as required.
The multi-point suction system ensures all free fibers and dust is continuously removed from the card to be recycled or fed to another recycling process.
High-precision fitted undergirds effectively control the airflow and ensure the CV value of fiber web.
Surface precision grinding of the cylinders ensures less than 0.02mm runout as normal tolerance.
All main cylinders and larger rollers are precisely balanced prior to assembly.
Top covers are opened and closed by motor assisted system.
The control system may be by servo-motor or inverter drives according to customer requirements. This ensures that the total line will have constant synchronization with controlled stable start and stop of the line.
Card is fitted with a system to minimize rollers of fiber thus helping to protect card wire.
The cards have a complete and total electronic safety system to meet all international standards.
Other details and variables are dependent on customer's needs and can be discussed with our technical staff.

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