Flax spinning machine

FX516 flax wet spinning machine

With high-tech E-cam and E-drafting system.

Headstock use oblique wheels.

Draft roller adopts bearing type, and the other two rows of roller are also made of copper bearing type.

Equipped with three automatic device (1. Auto doffing, adjustable length. 2. Ring plate automatic reset. 3. Automatically stop after doffing, automatic adjustment of the rear end yarn) without crank.

Equipped with auto oil dripping device. Japanese Panasonic PLC to control and display date.

Increase the stainless-steel parts on the basis of the original FX508 standard. (better than FX505)

Foot pedal is replaced with aluminum alloy pattern plate, and the rear baffle plate is made of stainless steel.

Need manual replacements gears.

The rest accessories are the same as the original F508.

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FX516 Flax wet spinning machine

Simplified the complex gearbox drive system of spinning frame into five units. The speed reducer motor and the servo motor are driven by frequency converter servo driver to realize synchronous linkage and intelligent control system. 

Spindle gauge88mm
No.of spindle256
Type ringPG2-6274
Type spindleD3501.D4501
Metric No5_5~54Nm
Draft ratio8.5-36
Speed of spindle5000-8000rpm
Draft systemSingle zong , single apron , two-wsy cylindet
Twist firectionRight
CreelSuspended and seated spindles
Main motor15/7kw
Overall dimension12328(L)x1525(W)x2230(H)mm


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