This machine is suitable to process various kinds of cotton. A fiber condenser feeds the cotton plucked by automatic bale plucker into this machine to get further blending, opening and cleaning, and then cotton is delivered to next machine for further process.

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With the function of blending , opening and cleaning.
Cleaning unit comprises a spike beater, a U-type beater, a porcupine beater and 3 groups of grid bar. Raw material is processed gradually by the spike beater, U-type beater and porcupine beater in sequence, Gauges between grid bars are decreased accordingly. Thus the fiber can be fully opened and cleaned with less damage as well.
Total enclosed steel sheets frame to show a tidy and nice appearance.

Production capacity (kg/h)800
Working width (mm)1060
Speed of feeding lattice (m/min)1,1.25,1.5,1.75
Speed of control lattice (m/min)1,1.25,1.5,1.75
Speed of spike 丨attice (m/min)60,70,80,100
Evenness roller Dia. (mm)260
Speed (rpm)209,234,269
Spike beater Dia. (mm)400
Speed (rpm)450 503 578
U-type beater Dia.(mm)400
Speed (rpm)535598 687
Porcupine beaterDia.(mm)400
Speed (rpm)717, 801,920
Type of grid barTriangle grid bar
Gauges (mm)5~11( adjustable)
Gauge between contro丨 lattice and spike 丨attice(mm)60-80
Overall dimension(L x W x H)(mm)5397x1576x2746
Total installation power (kw)6.05


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