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Computerized Shuttle Multi Needle Quilting Machine



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Computerized Shuttle Multi Needle Quilting Machine

main feature :

Computerized shuttle multi needle quilting machine is mainly used for making garments,jackets,sleeping bags,quilt etc. China quilting machine working at high speed without any vibration. Strong and rigid machine body,good quality quilting and lower with us at 

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Product details

Extreme precision with 360 intricated patterns including bartack and jump patterns with automatic top thread cut.

High performance aircraft aluminium-alloy-bushless needle-drive parallelogram system assuring a smooth and frictionless high speed round the clock working without any maintenance.

Unique design of upper creel makes it easy to exchange upper thread.

Unique adjustable(0~50~80mm) active roll feeding system can adjust ideally materials of different thickness and allow perfect sewing without skipped stitches on very thick materials.

Independent positive presser foot system,with wide possibilities of adjusting stroke and passage clearance, Capable of compressing thin or very thick filling materials(up to 80mm).

Top fabric tray feeding device with adjustable brake, gives a constant and accurate top fabric tension control to any kind of fabric, independent of the rolls diameter.

The photoelectric thread break detector has the features of high sensitivity.

Main technical parameters

Model No


Size (length X width X Height)


Quilting width

64inch 96inch 128inch 132inch

Rotation speed


Production speed


Needle size


Needle arrange

76.2, 152.4

Row sapce

3”x2” or 3x3”

Quiliting thickness



380v/220v 50HZ/60HZ

Needle rows

2 or 3


Panasonic servo motors

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