FX502 linen spinning machine

Flax spinning machine

FX502 linen spinning machine 3.0-1 World latest model FX502 Flax wet spinning frame, Have stepped over mechanical & computerized automatic controlling , now, enter into industry 3.0 version.  Intelligent module and synchronized control to make sure that, the main shaft, drafting shaft, feeding roller shaft, and lifting shaft, 4 shafts are under control by computer mathematical modeling. 

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FX502 linen spinning machine:

It makes the ring frame to be Intelligent module and synchronized controlled by gear motors., and complete the spinning process. 

The drafting shaft and feeding roller shafts all are using sealed ball bearings. it becomes the world advanced intelligent flax wet spinning machine. 


1, All of the technological parameter of the ring frame can be set freely by Touch screen no matter when machine running or when machine stop. 

2, The basic parameter of the roving sliver , yarn count and all the technological parameters will be generated automatically. 

3, The drafting shaft and feeding roller shafts all are using sealed ball bearings. so, the motion system will not need daily maintenance, it only need periodic service. It will bring down the cost of spinning. 

4, The motion system was composed by separate elements, The drafting shaft and feeding roller shafts all are using sealed ball bearings, the spindle tape material is aluminum,  to start/stop machine , changing technological parameters etc, will be freely by touch screen. the vibration of the machine will be too much less.

5, This machine will reduce the yarn breakage percentage, will bring up the yarn quality. 

6, the spindle speed will be at least 7800 rpm, it can be reach up to 10000 rpm according to customers’ requirements. the production capacity and efficiency will be 30%-40% more than other brand machines.

7, this machine will eliminate greasy environment, because there is no greasy yarn occur.

8, this machine will save 20% power than other brand machines.

9, the production capacity and spinning process, and the bobbin yarn standard weighting will be display on machine screen automatically.

10, the internet and WLAN connection points are available on this machine, it can be supervised by internet. 

Spindle gauge88mm
No.of spindle256
Type ringPG2-6274
Type spindleD3501.D4501
Metric No5_5~54Nm
Draft ratio8.5-36
Speed of spindle5000-10000rpm
Draft systemSingle zong , single apron , two-wsy cylindet
Twist firection
CreelSuspended and seated spindles
Main motor15/7kw
Overall dimension12328(L)x1525(W)x2230(H)mm

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