FA017 Reciprocating bale plucker series bale plucker is the first process of blowroom & card is suitable to each kind of cotton and chemical, viscose fiber length less than 76mm. The pluck arm, mounted with two beaters, can lift and revolve 180. The pluck arm moved to and back to pluck fiber above bale. The fiber plucked are sucked into the front feeder by air current through transport duct for further process.

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Reciprocating bale plucker can be placed in two sides. The machine can pluck 1 to 3 group bale with different height and density. Meet the demand for kinds of yarn at the same time.

Tower can revolve 180.

It is designed with two plucking rollers and two detecting rollers.

With different working width of milling there are 17, 23 plucking knives and 102,138 tips on each plucking roller; while plucking roller revolving, it make even distributed plucking line. The position of knife tip and flap can be adjusted to meet every requirement.

Automatic plucking controlled by microcomputer.

Milling depth (mm)0.1~20 (adjustable)
Basic length of machine (mm)20400
Maximum length 52000
Maximum bale height (mm)1600
Pluck rollerControl by pulley or inverter
Total power (kw)7.5
Net weight (kg)7000

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