FA506 Ring spinning frame machine

Ring frame

FA506 Ring spinning frame machine  series are made from the leading design proposal,advanced manufacturing methods and perfect special parts and components. They ensure high quality yarn spring. The machine features convenient operation and easy to management due to its high automation. It is suitable for spinning of cotton and synthetic fibres or their blends to produce weaving or knitting yarns.

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The application of FA506 Ring spinning frame:

Exact headstock driving system is the foundation of producing high quality yarn.
The headstock of FA506 is equipped with open auto-dropping lubrication and smoother driving.
The headstock of FA506 is equipped with a closed circulating bath lubrication. It is clean and tidy. It ensure a sufficient lubrication and smoother driving.
Adopt the CAPD technology,optimize arrangement of middle frame,add up the spring pieces,ensure a better aseismic property and smooth running.
The machine adopts the high precision main shaft,and the driving is stable and reliable. The maximum mechanical speed for spindle is up to 25000rov/min.
Optimize design for the air channel,improve the suction effect,ensure the least different airsuction at high speed running.
For building can driving motion, using the precise worm box,eliminate the interim stopping,ensure without the coil slippage while winding-on high speed wider.
The roving creel is shaped by steel plate,makes perfect looking.
Equipped with traveling cleaner.corespandex yarn spinning device,
Slubby yarn sinning device and roving traveling device.(Option)
The machine can equipped with many kinds of compact spinning device.
Up-suction and underground-suction are at customer’s option.
Equipped with top pulley made from ABS material,option.

Spindle gauge70mm
Lifting 205 180 155 mm
Ring DiameterΦ45,Φ42,Φ38mm
Number of Spindle384,396,408,420,432,444,456,468,480,492,504,516
Yarn count

  97.2---4.9tex (6--12Ne)



Draft Ratio10-50
Spindle speed15000-22000 rpm
Spindle driveSingle tension pulley,Z or S twist optional
Spindle wharve diameterΦ22,Φ24,Φ20.5mm
CreelOne tier hanger, Four or six rows optional
Main Motor(380v50Hz)15/7KW 17/9KW 18.5/11KW 22/11KW (380v)

Suction Motor(380v 59 Hz)

1.5KWfor No.of spindles below4444)

2.2KW  (for No.of spindles above 456)

Lift Motor370W
Distance between Spindle of left and right side 700 mm

Headstock dimensions 

Endstock Dimensions 

1.5KW(for No.of spindles below4444)

2.2KW  (for No.of spindles above 456)

Total height of the machine2300mm
Total length of the machine

L=2380+(N/2-1)70mm  L:length 

N:where means the number of spindles

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