FA126 weight separator is used for excluding most of trash and abnormal matter in fiber tuft. When cotton pass through bridge-magnet,iron- trash is removed at the same time. FA126 weight separator, working in fiber current, is made up of adjustation duct. When cotton fiber contact grid bar,trash is separated from fiber tuft due to difference of centrifugal force then sucked away through dust pipe.

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Power free trash removing, easily adjustable angle of grid bar.
Transporting fan and bridge-magnet are erected in FA126 directly which save bracket and area occupation.
If required, FA126 with continuous suction system is available and need no manual clean.

ApplicationsIt is used for fiber in length less than 88mm
Working width500
Overall dimension(mm)1864x850x2792 (Lx WxH)
Net Weight (kg)300


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