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Automatic Computerized Sock Knitting Machine



Sock Knitting Equipment

Sock knitting machine

Sock Knitting Equipment

Automatic Computerized Sock Knitting Machine

main feature :

The exposed parts ofvarious wires and pipelines shall bearranged in order and placed firmly;

The surface color of similar parts of machine are almost the same

The coating of machine shall be uniform, firm and reliable

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Product details

1.It can control the normal operation ofmechanical devicces and has the function of fault alarm

2.1t has the corresponding detection function for the operation of the machine

3.When the power supply is interrupted, the system can retainthe program and data in execution and system continue to execute the programafter the power supply is restored

4.It has the functions of setting, modifying, storing process paraameters and transmitting data

5.It has the function of editing and modifying the pattern actionchain file

Main technical parameters

Basic parameters

1. Number of one to multiple incoming lines;

2.Cylinder diameter: 3.5 inches /3.75 inches

3.Pin numbers: 72n-220n;

4.RPM: Plain> 350r/min, Terry> 280r/min;

Requirements for

critical components

1. Theroughness oftriangular needle surface shall notbe greater than Ra1.6;

2. Hardness oftriangular needle running part surface: 60hrc-65hrc;

3. Radial of the cvlinder and jumpiness of the end plate are boths0.05 mm;

4. Hosierymachine needles meet the requirements of normal knitting production;

Mechanical behavior1.noabnormalsound and vibration during the operaticon of the hosiery machine obvious air leakage and oil leakage in the pneumhatic lubrication system;

3. The surface temperature rise of the sinker cover shall not begreater than 50°C;

Weaving performance

1. The machine can weave up to 2-way bottom yarn and1-9-way additional yarn


2. After the debugging of the machine is completed, no less fthan 12 socks shall be

continuously knitted, and the socks shall be free of defects caused by machine,

such as missing needles, holes, and broken yarn;

3. There is no missing needle at the binding mouth, and nobinding thread is

exposed on the sock surface;

4. The length of adding yarn was trimmed shall be uniforrm;

Marking, packaging, transportation and storage1. The pictorial signs of packaging storage and transporttation are composed of

graphic symbols, names and outer frames , which cancorrectly prompt the

transportation personnel for storage and transportation:

2. The name plate of the hosiery machine is installed in a conspicuous position

of the machine, and the content in cludes the model number of stitches,

production date and other elements of the hosier,

3. The stocking machine shall be lifted at the specified position during

transportation, and the packing box shall be placed in the specified direction;

4. Afterthehosierymachineleavesthe factory under the storaage conditions of

good anti-corrosion, anti corrosion and ventilation the parts in the packing

box are moisture-proof and rust proof, and the validity period is one year;

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