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Spare parts & components

  • We provide a comprehensive selection of high-performance components for our spinning machines. When you invest in one of our machines, we ensure the inclusion of accessories that will provide enduring support for users over the years. Recognizing the challenges in sourcing suitable accessories for your company's machines, we also extend our offering of high-performance components compatible with other brands.

  • We provide spare parts and components for various textile machines, including Air Jet Looms, Water Jet Looms, Rapier Looms, etc., along with wearing parts. In addition to our proprietary brand, TONGDA, we also supply spare parts for other brands.

  • In addition to Spare parts&components and other machine accessories, we can offer a wide range of equipment that will help your factory to increase production quality and output, such as compact spinning systems to reduce linting, and the OHTC Cleaner series to reduce linting.