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Single System Computerized Flat Knitting Machine Series



Flat knitting equipment

Flat knitting machine

Flat knitting equipment

Single System Computerized Flat Knitting Machine Series

main feature :

The single-system flat knitting machine with milling type needle bed. Insert type needle bed(optional). Non-waste yarn COMB device(optional). This series adopts digital technology, which can realize the functions of transfer, tuck, hole picking, jacquard, needle narrowing, and other regular pattern knitting functions of the flat knitting machine. This series can weave basic knitting patterns(full needle, single side, Etc.), multi-color irregular jacquard, and twisted weft knitting. This series is suitable for knitting sweaters,blanket, scarfs, hats, and clothing accessories.

Main technical parameters



Gauge3G, 3.5G, 3-5-7G, 5G, 6G, 7G, 8G, 9G, 10G, 12G, 14G, 15G, 15G, 16G

Knitting System

Single System,Single Carriage
Knitting Width


Knitting Speed


Knitting Function

Tranfer, tuck, miss, jacquard, intarsia, hide or apparent shaping

Stitch Density

Stitch system controlled by stepping motor, 32 section stitch selectableadjustable scope supported by subdivision technology: 0-650.


Controlled by AC servo motor, racking within 2 inches and with fine adjustiing function.

Drive System

Synchronous belt drive, AC servo system

Needle SelectionControlled by computer, electric magnet needle choose system with high efficiency.

Yarn Carrier

2x8 yarn carriers on each side of 4 guide rails, shiftable on any needle position

Take Down Roller

Programmed instruction controlled by stepping motor, 32 section levels selection adjustable area: 0-100

Protection System

The machine will automatically alarm if yarn breaking, float yarn, rewind,end of knitting, fail of racking, needle

breakage and error programming occur ect.

Control System

1, Adopt LCD screen, input device: USB, system memory 256MB, a grreat amount of design files can be stored. 2,

Monitoring menu, each kind of operating parameter, can be shown, andthey can be adjusted at any time when

the machine is running. 3, Design system is visual and easy to understand and upgrad. 4, Multi language

version, there are chinese, english etc.


220v, single-phase, have memorizing function at the power-off mnoment

Comb Device

Choose close U type compose needle hook, this special composee hook reliable to pick up yarn or release
Sinker System

Assist knitting, have various results of shaping and stop.

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