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Three System Computerized Flat Knitting Machine Series



Flat knitting equipment

Flat knitting machine

Flat knitting equipment

Three System Computerized Flat Knitting Machine Series

main feature :

Three system, this series have two models: with comb and without comb, with digital technology, it could implement the rib transfer jacquard, needle narrowing and other weaving functions. also, it can knit basic knitting (full needle, single side) the weft knitted fabric like cable stitech. this applies to spun silk, synthetic filament, wool, acrylicc, blending yarn and other materials, sweaters, blanket, scarfs, hats and clothing accessories.

Main technical parameters




Knitting width


Knitting system

Three system

Knitting speed

Controlled by servo-motor with 32 sections optional, max speed reach 1.6m/s.

Knitting function

Knit, miss, tuck, transfer, pointel, intarsia, jacquard, apparenit or hide shaping and other regular or irregular patterns.


Controlled by servo-motor racking within 2 inches and withfine adjusting function.

Stitch density

Controlled by stepping motor, 32 section stitch select-able adjustable scope supported by subdivision technology

0-650, the stitch of the knitwear can be accurately controlled.

Transfer system

Combined design, single or double cam system all can transfer together or separately. Also one cam do transfer,

another cam system for knitting, which will achieve high prroduction

Needle selection

Advanced encoder reading pin.8-stage selecting needle setup composedof special electromagnet is regarded as

efficient full width jacquard needle selector.which can be installed or removed simply from the carriage and maintained easily.

Take-down system

Infrared alarm,Computer programs instruction, stepper motor contro1,32-stagetension selection with an adjustable

range between0-100.

Color-changing system

2x8 yarn feeders on each side of 4 guide rails, shift able onany needle position.

Protection system

The machine will automatically alarm if yarn-breaking, knots, floating yarn, rewind, end of knitting, fail of racking,

needle breakage, error programming occur, also set up the safety auto-lock protect device.

Network function

Has network interface,enable remote-monitoring via networrk,and connecting with ERP system.

Power supply

Single-phase 220V/three-phase 380V,adopt advanced CMOS technolcgy, having memorizing function at power

shock stop.

Volume and weight

3000*1000*1800mm, 1150kgs(52inch);3300*1000*1000 mm,1250kgs(60inch)

3500*1000*1800mm, 1350kgs(72inch);3700*1000*1000 mm,1450kgs(80inch)

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