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Automatic winding machine auto Coner VCRO PLUS



Automatic Winding Machine

Winding machine

Automatic Winding Machine

Automatic winding machine auto Coner VCRO PLUS

main feature :

This model is the upgraded product of VCRO automatic winderIt adopts new industrial design with advanced features such as high quality, high efficiency, intelligent precision control,anti-tangling technology, intelligent automation and cutting-edge electrical control system, etc. It can realize the ffunctions of automatic batch change, automatic tube borrowing, multiple head production and individual drop, etc., wlhich ensures that continuous production can be realized after the automatic winder changes the varieties, and it makees the yarn better in quality, higher in production efficiency and more convenient in maintenance.


Product details

High Quality Package Shaping

This product integrates a high-precision yarn detecting sensor, utilizing infrared detection and an environment compensation algorithm to ensure precise ideentification and removal of yarn defects, maintaining a measurement accuracy of +0.3%, thereby ensuring even yarn tension and superior packaging quality. It features a rear-end stabilization mechanism that minimizes bobbin shaking for well-formed yarn packages. Additionally, it adopts an intermittent anti-stacking technology and a closed-loop tension control system to dynamically adjust yarn tension for stable output. The electronic yarn clearer oversees yarn quality throughout the windingprocess, with distinct settings optimizing yarn joint quality. The centralized air splicer enhances splicingquality and appearance consistency across a wide range of yarn types, including special varieties.

High Efficient Bobbin Processing

Experience enhanced yarn processing with our revamped ssystem. Featuring rapid 6-8 second knotting cycles, a single motor design for stable bobbin handling, arad automatic yarn centering for superion yarn quality. Real-time yarn tail monitoring and optimized air door control boost yarn picking success. Our precision vertical suction device and vortex blowing system increase yarn head picking rates up to 50 pieces/min. Supports up to 72 spindles, increasing yarn prodduction by 10% while ensuring 99.99% bobbin plug success.

Super Intelligent Work Of Whole Machine

Revolutionize yarn processing with our intelligent single spindle display panel. It indicates fault types for quick resolution, boosting efficiency. Auto-restarts on bobbin arrival, eliminating manual intervenition. Our robust electric control system enables remoteoperation, maintenance, and self-diagnosis. Doffing carriage boasts 95% success rate, reaching 60m/mirwith a 13.5s cycle.

Main technical parameters

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