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Auto-Winder Linked With Spinning Frame VCRO-I



Automatic Winding Machine

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Automatic Winding Machine

Auto-Winder Linked With Spinning Frame VCRO-E

main feature :

The Auto-Winder Linked With Spinning Frame VCRO-E is of high quality and features automatic bobbin feeding from the spinning frame to the auto-winder. This improves yarn cleanliness and avoids yarn contact damage. It also addresses the friction between the package of the spinning frame and speed, enhancing the spindle speed of the spinning frame and increasing productivity. This innovation saves manpower and enhances automation.    


Product details




    This type is the new generation of auto-winder with a tray developed by Tongda's own research. The new auto-winder can meet the requirements of customers from Ne.6 to the highest count of yarn. It is featured with improvements in stable and reliable performance, winding into a perfect package, and is easier to operate. Its brightest spot is the spinning quality tracking system, which uses RFID (radio-frequency identification) technology. The faulty bobbins can be traced back to the spindle of the spinning machine, thereby solving the spinning problem and improving the quality of yarn.



    Automatically transporting yarn packages and feeding bobbins not only saves labor but also connects the two labor-intensive procedures directly to realize automation and continuous production. This improves quality and enhances productivity.

Main technical parameters


Single-spindle, single-sided arrangement, left hand or right hand.

Fields of Application

Nm 3.5 to the highest count cotton, wool, synthetic and blended spinning yarn or plied yarn.

Winding Speed (m/min)

400-2200 , step-less speed regulation.

Number of Winding Spindles

6 to 36, Every two spacing increment.

Spindles Distance (mm)


Applicable Bobbin Taper

4°20′ / 5°57′

Feeding Bobbin Yarn Specification (mm)

中=32-43, Length =180-230

Joint Type

Air splicer, Aquasplicer

Electronic Clearer


The Winding Drum

DC motor coaxial transmission, step-less speed regulation


Electronic anti-patterning system.

Joints Circle

Electrical logic control, intelligent cycle.

Tension Control

Electromagnetic weighting, closed-loop control.



Picking Ability

40/min ( Double piecing unit, option ).

Support Disc Diameter(mm)


Channel No.

Two for bobbin forward, one for bobbin back.

Total Installation Power (kW)



(20 spindles) (mm)

1 yarn picking 10902 x 1680 x 2780

2 yarn picking 11302 x 1680 x 2780

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