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Automatic Flat Grinding Machine TDM-JV



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Automatic Flat Grinding Machine TDM-JV

main feature :

The Automatic Flat Grinding Machine TDM-JV is equipped with a PLC program for automatic control and features high-precision grinding devices. It can be used for both lengthwise and crosswise grinding and features a synchronous belt and permanent magnet motor. The stomatal grinding wheel is designed for durability.    


Product details

PLC program automatic control.

High precision grinding device.

Linear be used in lengthways and crossways.

Synchronous belt and permanent magnet motor be used.

Stomatal grinding wheel is durable in use.

Running stable and little difference between ends.

Main technical parameters

Width of flat: 33.3mm

Breadth of flat: 1020~1500mm

Quantity of flat in once: 2 root

Power: 380V 50HZ/1.87kW

Packing size: 1750x750x1550

G/n weight: 1200/1100kg

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