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Blow-Suction Cleaner series



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Blow-Suction Cleaner series

main feature :

The Blow-Suction Cleaner series which is used for spinning line has a neat and consistent cleaning effect. It can fully handle the clean-ing work of the textile equipment, reduce product defects, improve product quality and output, and reduce or elimi-nate manual cleaning. In addition, the blow-suction cleaner is durable, maintenance-free, and re-quires litle maintenance. The latest developed blow-suction cleaner can be practical, durable, and useful.    


Product details

The stretching blow nozzle component can accuratelyclean the fine yarn stretching area.

The adjustable extended blow nozzle can be close to theblow point,and both the height of the blow nozzle and the airvolume can be adjusted.

The yarn frame cleaning horizontal blow pipe is set withcorresponding adjustable blow nozzles according to the differ-ent arrangements of the yarn frame.

The self-cleaning mechanism of the blow-suction cleanercleans itself once every round trip (at the head or tail of the car),saving about 10%of energy.

The host automatically collects the door opening mecha-nism outside the flower to ensure the stability of the cleaningeffect.

Main technical parameters

                                                                 Technical Parameters

Motor powcrKW0.75 1.1 1.5 2.23
Wind volumem3/h10501200170019002300
Wind pressurePa15001800240026002880
Operation speedm/min8-108-128-1510-1510-15

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