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Chute feeder TDGM-III



Individual Components in the Nowoven System

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Individual Components in the Nowoven System

Chute feeder TDGM-III

main feature :

The Chute feeder TDGM-III  belongs to nonwoven fabric machines. It is  used for medium to coarse denier fibers to store the opened fiber and then facilitate the transfer of an even layer or even quantity of fiber across the width of the machine to feed the card. Average roller and stripping roller drive separately. Spiked lattice controlled by inverter.Photo electric sensors continually control fiber levels in the unit.    

_0000_4.Chute feeder

Product details

This machine is used to mix the opened fiber fully and feed evenly to next working procedure.

The photo-electricity controls the storage of the fiber trunk, through adjusting the vibrating plate to adjust feeding quantity.

Adopt the spiked lattice to transfer the fiber. The photo-electricity controls the output of the fiber trunk.

The end face of the axis has protecting tray to prevent the fiber rolling on beaters.

The diameter of beater is φ310mm; adopt 3 nail-stick screws to fix.

High quality carbon steel plates of 8mm thick are welded into main frame with qualitative treatment.

The vibrating motor is 0.75kw×6 poles ordinary motor.

The spiked lattice is driven by 1.75kw inverter motor matched with 80/10:1 worm wheel.

Main technical parameters

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