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Computerized Chain Stitch Multi-needle Quilting Machine TD-W-SJ



Multi-functional Quilting Machine

Quilting Machine

Multi-functional Quilting Machine

Computerized Chain Stitch Multi-needle Quilting Machine TD-W-SJ

main feature :

Computerized Chain Stitch Multi-needle Quilting Machine TD-W-SJ is commonly utilized for high-quality quilting of mattresses, quilt covers, and decorative items. It offers various patterns and boasts exceptional features such as rigidity, speed, low vibration, and noise. The optimized structure ensures higher speed and production, while tighter thread stitches enhance the three-dimensional effect of the quilting patterns.    


Product details

Optimized mechanical structure makes higher speed and more production.

More tight thread stitches makes the quilting patterns with stronger three dimensional effect.

Needle bar and press plate are controlled by a double-swinging device without cam avoiding lubrication and dirtying of material.

Multi-span and independent patterns 360° and 180° patternsare available.

Automatic stop motion control in case the top thread or the bottom thread breaks, automatic needle-lifting and CNC speeed adjustment. CE Certificate..

No need to adjust the press plate's position when the the thickness of quilting material varies.

Outstanding features such as high rigidity, high running speed, low vibration and noise.

New generation of CNC system, high precision quilting,dispense with too much parameter adjustment or pattern modification during quilting.

Easy preparation of CAD drawings extremely precise.

Strong functions of pattern-combining and multi-span quiltingto enable you to quilt different patterns in each row in the mattresses of different sizes.

Fault detection function for ease of determining the running state of the machine at any given time.

Main technical parameters

Size (LWH )

 4795x1670x2050 mm

Quilting width

2450 mm

Space between needle rows

 50.8,76.2,127 ( 5" )

Space between needle rows

 76.2,76.2,152.4 ( 6")

Space between needles

 25.4 mm

X-axis movement displacement

 410 mm

Thickness of quilting

 <80 mm for all patterns

Stitch length

3~8 mm

Speed of operation

 60~300 m/hour

Model of needle


Quilting speed

 600~1200 RPM

Total power required

 7 KW



Gross weight

 5000 KG

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