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Individual Components in the Nowoven System

Single units in Nowoven system

Individual Components in the Nowoven System


main feature :

The cross lapper TDPW-II belongs to nonwoven fabric machines. It is  used to fold or plate the web into multi-layers after carding into the required width and product weight.From here, the batt of material is ready to transfer to the next process, for example: to needle loom or to the oven. All cross lapper aprons are driven separately, forward and reverse movement is controlled accurately by PLC and this allows for easy adjustment.    


Product details

This machine is mainly used to lap the carded fiber according to the set thickness and width for next working procedure.

The main frame is table-flap structure with enough strength and stability. the rail is resistant to oil leaking.

The lapping is controlled by subsection separate inverter so as to ensure the quality of the web evenly.

All the motors adopt the inverters to control the speed.

The adjustable height of the bottom lattice of the cross lapper is 1500mm.

The bottom apron of the cross lapper are wooden lattice and the input apron adopt PVC anti-static apron.

The lift-drop of bottom lattice is controlled by electro motion, outputting is equipped with pressing rollers.

The to-and-fro adopt chains for driving.

All the drivers are weight-light and specially designed strong material to possess high

tenacity so as to run reliably.

Main technical parameters

Width of input apron


Width of output apron


Speed of output

1-12m/min, adjustable

Speed of lapping

≤40m/min, adjustable

Web irregularity

≤5%(left, middle ,right three points)

The diameter of the stripped rollers

The diameter of the stripped rollers

Matched power



400-500kg/h (Takes the best 6D Chemical fiber as checking standard)

upper lattice


Bottom lattice

aluminum type 

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