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Draw frame FA2388



High performance Cotton Carding machine

Draw frame

High performance Cotton Carding machine

Draw frame FA2388

main feature :

Two delivery holes can be operated separately, producing two different kinds of materials. The delivery can diameter can be up to φ1000mm. The modular design improves working efficiency. The auto-can change and coiler parts are separated, making installation and transport easy.

Adopting digital drafting adjustment technology, two coders, and one servo control, with close-loop control, enables stepless adjusting of the drafting times. High weight adjusting precision (up to 0.05g/5m).

Leading auto-can changer sliver breakage technology truly realizes auto-can changing, improving production efficiency by about 15%. The leading auto-can changer device adopts backward in and front out, driven by an air cylinder, making it easy to operate.

Equipped with a touch screen for man-machine communication, it's easy to adjust the sliver weight and other process parameters. The machine adopts timing-belts, V-belt, and poly V-belt driving with high driving precision and lower sound. The overall cradle structure integrated with the upper roller makes it easy to operate.

With a separated dust-removing hopper and auto cotton-scraping device to reduce interference to the machine. The fan motor applies static-electricity control and frequency control, saving energy and reducing costs.

The visual design of HMI reversed computer internet interface allows remote control, diagnosis, and maintenance. The whole machine can be placed on the ground without digging a pit, making it easy to operate.


Product details

Holes6-8 pieces
Delivery Speed200 ~ 1000m/min (stepless adjustable)
Total Drafting TimesThree over three with up guiding roller
Drafting Style1+1 Holes, Two delivery holes can be operated separately
Suitable Fiber Length15-80mm
Feeding Sliver Numbers32
Feeding Can SizeDia: φ400, φ500, φ600, φ800, Height: 900, 1100, 1200
Output Can SizeDia: φ1000, Height: 1100 or 1200
Machine Size3022×2360×2020mm
Machine Weight2500KG
Main Motor Power3KW×2
Other MotorsServo motor 2KW×2, Fan motor: 1.8KW

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