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Draw frame FA2398



High performance Cotton Carding machine

Draw frame

High performance Cotton Carding machine

Draw frame FA2398

main feature :

The Draw frame FA2398 comes with an integrated upper roller structure for ease of operation. It has fewer belts and driving parts, making it more efficient. The two smaller discs ensure accuracy with the automatic leveller. It also features a front-loading scraper for cleaning.    


Product details



    Adopt digital draft adjustment technology, two checks and one control, closed-loop control, stepless adjustment of draft multiple, sliver weight adjustment accuracy reaches ±0.05g/5m. Leading auto-can changer sliver breakage technology,truly realizing auto-can changer ,the producing efficiency can be improved about 15%.



    With touch screen,realizing man-machine communication,it’s convenient to adjust the sliver weight and other process parameters. The machine adopts timing-belts and poly v-belt driving,with high driving precision and lower noise.



    The coiler adopts an integrated process of alloy aluminum coated stainless steel, copper tube inserted into the bottom, coil bottom plate coated with stainless steel, and special surface treatment process, which effectively solves the problem of cotton sliver caused by electrostatic adsorption;

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