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Drawing Frame FA318A



High Speed Draw Frame With Autoleveller System

Draw frame

High Speed Draw Frame With Autoleveller System

Drawing Frame FA318A


Product details

The Double-hole Draw Frame FA318A, equipped with an auto leveler and an advanced, intelligent control system, makes production easier, better, and more efficient.    



    The user can choose the frequency control to reduce the pulley transform to solve the switch car instantly evenness deterioration. The PLC control,digital machine,overhead photoelectric control, makes sure more stable and reliable equipment operation.



    The user can choose compulsory lubrication,to reduce gear wear and be helpful for high speed. Automatic scraping cotton device,regular cleaning.



    The user can choose the automatic doffing device to improve production efficiency.The use of multiple gap seal,suitable for high speed.

Main technical parameters

Delivery number

2 holes

Max output speed


Total drafting multiple

4-14 times

Drafting style

five upper and four lower pressure bar dual zone

curve drafting

Feeding sliver number

6-8 pieces

Suitable fiber length


Feeding tube size(mm)

(D400、(D500、CD600、 0800^ 0900n 1000 x height 900 or 1100 (1200) mm

Tube size of output (mm)

«|) 350、(|> 4〇〇、+500、600 x height900 or 1100 mm

Main frame exterior size(mm)

2500 x 1500 x 1750mm



Main motor power


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