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FX111ZC Hackling with Auto Spreader Machine



Highly Efficient Flax Wet Spinning Frame

Flax wet spinning machine

Highly Efficient Flax Wet Spinning Frame

FX111ZC Hackling with Auto Spreader Machine

main feature :

FX111ZC Hackling with Auto Spreader Machine is a new process device to have best fiber hackle and manufacture sliver composed by FX111 Hackling machine and FX212 Auto Spreader Machine, which is newly developed by our company. There are 8 reduction gears and 2 servo motor installed in the complete machine.


Product details

By adopting such modern control methods as PLC, inverter and touch screen, mechanical transmission system and pneumatic system shall be integrated and process actions shall be controlled to realize automatic and continuous operations from flax fiber to sliver, shorten original process route and enjoy such features as high electromechanical integration, convenient adjustment for hackle/slivering parameters, high efficiency and high quality, worker-saving and time-saving (5-7 person is reduced each shift), low labor intensity and low maintenance and management cost, which is the ideal new best fiber carding process device to replace hackling and sliver process. Furthermore, internationally advanced technology is adopted for the equipment.

Main technical parameters

Hackle lifting height

650 mm (Max)
  Running speed of hackle clamp7~12 times/min. (Stepless adjustable)
  Running speed of needle bar20~45 m/min (Stepless adjustable)
  Numbers of hackles process18
  Drawing range17.61 ~ 21.41
  Sliver specification15 ~ 45 g/m
  Output speed56~79m/min. (Stepless adjustable)

  Equipment production capacity

60~110 kg/h (sliver)
  Total installed power20.65KW (Actual power consumption: 12.5KW)
  DimensionHackling Machine: 8400 (L) × 4520 (W) × 3230 (H) mm

Auto Spreader Machine: 4550 (L) × 1600 (W) × 2530 (H) mm

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