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FX412 Flax Roving Frame



Highly Efficient Flax Wet Spinning Frame

Flax wet spinning machine

Highly Efficient Flax Wet Spinning Frame

FX412 Flax Roving Frame

main feature :

FX412 Flax Roving Frame is a new generation of flax roving frame newly developed by our company through years of practices. The machine has abandoned differential mechanism, cone drum forming mechanism and lifting and reversing mechanism installed on conventional roving frame. For the transmission system of the complete machine, no change gear exists and it is driven by 5 independent servo motors. The most advanced five-shaft link and closed-loop control technology shall be adopted to make the machine more simple and efficient. 


Product details

In addition, the machine enjoys such features as high electromechanical integration, convenient adjustment for carding/silvering forming parameters, high efficiency and high quality, low labor intensity and low maintenance and management cost, which is the ideal process device to replace conventional flax roving frame. Furthermore, internationally advanced technology is adopted for the equipment.

Main technical parameters

Pitch number per set


  Number of spindle per pitch

  Number of spindle per set120
  Numbers suitable for spinning1.2~3.8Nm
  Drawing range8.5~12.5
  Total drawing gauge459mm
  Spindle speed range650~900r/min
  Output speed14~31m/min
  Twist range29~42
  Lifting stroke300mm (Max)
  Total installed power18.1 KW (Actual power consumption: 10KW)
  Dimension15220 (L) × 3660 (W) mm

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