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High precision roller grinding machine TDM-BJ



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High precision roller grinding machine TDM-BJ

main feature :

The High Precision Roller Grinding Machine TDM-BJ features a high-precision cylindrical grinding head to enhance grinding precision. It is equipped with a frequency converter to control the grinding head motor, front motor, and reciprocating carriage motor. This machine is ideal for squeezing and grinding the draw and rubber roller, improving accuracy and efficiency through rational clamping and honing methods.    


Main technical parameters

Grinding rubber roller range(diameterx length):Ф80×580

Grinding wheel speed (infinitely adjustable):1440~3600 rpm;15~37.5 m/s

Head speed (infinitely adjustable):48~120 rpm

Work surface movement speed (infinitely adjustable):320~810 mm/min

Gross/net weight:800/750Kg

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