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High Speed Flexible Rapier Glass Fiber Loom TD588B



High Speed Rapier Loom

Rapier loom

High Speed Rapier Loom

High Speed Flexible Rapier Glass Fiber Loom TD588B

main feature :

High Speed Flexible Rapier Glass Fiber Loom TD588B can be woven glass fiber electronic cloth, advertising cloth, canvas, automobile interior cloth, geogrid cloth,  medical gauze, heavy canvas, conveyor belt, window screen, filter mesh cloth, etc. Using active warp loosing mechanism, reduces the warp deformation due to tension changes, reducing the warp break rate and improve the running efficiency and the cloth quality, ensure continuous weaving warp deformation with minimal or no deformation, reduce weaving difficulty, improve production efficiency and product quality.    


Product details

HIGH SPEED: The use of narrow rapier tape weft insertion technology can increase the weaving speed, and reduce the rate of warp break, and effectively reduce the cost.

HIGH EFFICIENCY: Using a dedicated high-power servo motor to drive the space linkrod to control the precise positioning of steel reed, realize the special long and short beating up of the towel loom, and with its electrical control device, can realize any switching of 3-7 weft.



    INTELLIGENCE: Using 32-bit CPU microcomputer control, it can automatically detect warp breaking weft breaking, empty-weft and multi-weft faults and display them.



    The control action is accurate and sensitive. It can realize networked group control and terminal monitoring.



    ENERGY SAVING: The Up-down Let off gearbox is inlaid in small wallboard, simple and neat, easy to install, cancel worm and gear, reduce wear and tear, Oil bath lubrication, more durable.

Main technical parameters



Reed width (cm)


Rotation Speed(RPM)

Design speed 700rpm, economic speed is 400-500rpm

Yarn Count



Electronic dobby, (with 20 levers at most)or Electronic Jacquard head


Servo electronic take-up

Weft Selection

6 colors

Diameter of Warp Beam

800mm or 1000mm ground beam 1000mm or 1100mm pile beam

Selvage formation

Electronic leno or driven by Jacquard head

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