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High-Speed Rapier Loom R450



High Speed Rapier Loom

Rapier loom

High Speed Rapier Loom

High-Speed Rapier Loom R450

main feature :

The High-Speed Rapier Loom R450 is equipped with a motor driven by an inverter, featuring electric weft selection and detection. It also includes advanced intelligent software programming, a double back beam structure, and digital adaptive brake technology.     


Product details

Accurate control

Digital loop control servo electronic let off and take up to achieve the cnstant tension weaving.



Powful Bilateral conjugate cam for beating up.


Theoptimal fabricquality

Digital control positioning stop/run. Intelligent auto pick finding. Auto sation for weft breakageand warp breakage. Special function to make all heald frame in levelingposition when weft or warp breaks.


Thefast fault detection

Intelligent fault display, can accurately determine the fault reason, and provide the test scheme.


Themost convenient management

Auto statistics the output for 4 shifts and total output can be controlledvork and change the fabric pattern quickly.

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