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High-Speed Rapier Loom R500



High Speed Rapier Loom

Rapier loom

High Speed Rapier Loom

High-Speed Rapier Loom R500

main feature :

The High-Speed Rapier Loom R500 features energy-saving super motors with direct drive, reducing energy consumption by 20%. It also offers variable speed weaving and low failure rate due to the elimination of traditional clutches. The electrical control system utilizes a 32-bit CPU microprocessor and embedded software, providing rapid acquisition and monitoring. The loom includes five sports digital loops for location, parking drive, automatic weft, auto idle function, motion simulation, fault tracking alarm, and digital control automatic compensation. The control system ensures intelligent informatization and networking, and includes a good cooling system with an aluminum alloy oil box and circulating spray lubrication. Additionally, an oil temperature sensor and forced water cooling are used to maintain the oil temperature.    


Product details

By Space 4 Linkrod structure, drive rapier wheel recipreocating motion by setor gear.Insert weft at left, handover in mid, superior weft-holding mode to ensure a smooth weft handover.  

To reduce the weft mark, Loom can find the yarm by forward :slow motion in reverse direction motor pick finding which can adjust the heaId level time.  

Adopting single oil pump drives the oil circuit, closed forced circulation lubrication system and forced water-cooling mechanism,ensure the loom temperature rise not exceed 30°C and guarantee all the moving parts to obtain good lulbrication and long life.  

Precise electric weft selection and test technology: Adopting high speed stepper motor control electric weft selector with 16 colorsat most. The sensitvity of all type weft can be adjusted by single hole.  

The loom is digitally controlled by 32 bit CPU microcomputer. Closedcontrolled electric let-off, take-up to realize constant tension weavingLoom can be connected with network and remote transmission can cometrue so that the running and service information can easily feedback.

Energy saving: the super motor direct drive machine, according to theactual load torque, energy saving 20%; and can realize variable speedweaving; low failure rate: the super motor direct drive, the abolition ofthe traditional rapier loom weft finding clutch,clutch, clutch, slow slow motorflywheel, belt synchronous belt transmission, thereby reducing the fault source, reduce the failure rate of more than 40%; servo electronic let off: servo electronic take-up, to achieve constant te weaving, and can realize the variable density of weft weaving electrical control system: to achieve rapid acquisition, monitoriing using 32 bit CPU microprocessor and embedded software. Five spoorts digital loop control loom. 

Location, location of parking drive and automatic weft, autto idle function and motion simulation and fault tracking alarm. At the same timethe realization of digital control automatic compensation function. Process parameters through the USB port, parameter card input. Through the implementation of network monitoring and management of loom fieldbus, industrial Ethernetrealize remote access and diagnosis function. 

Realization of the control system of intelligent informatization, networking Good cooling systemUsing Aluminum alloy oil box,circulatingsspray lubrication together with oil temperature sensor, Forced water cooling to cool the oilperature.

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