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High-Speed Rapier Loom R550



High Speed Rapier Loom

Rapier loom

High Speed Rapier Loom

High-Speed Rapier Loom R550

main feature :

High Speed Rapier Loom R550 is directly driven by PMSM super servo motor, simplity the loom transmission,with all international mainstream loom function, we put the beating up structure at the two side of loom frame.which can strengthen the rigidity of beating up and increase the bealing up force. lt become more easier in connection between heald frame and dobby link rod. When changing the patter.hedde frame can be moved quickly, energy-saving, high efficiency, low failure rate, intelligentization, modularizaion,  and continuty.    


Product details

Optimize the motor design and cooling circuit, raise the ma:x torque by 10% There is a big reduction of motor temperature rise AAdvanced Vector control technology improves the loom performance in low and highspeed The beating up cam is put at the two sides of loom frame. withbig and steady force. 

fabric deformation small. It's more obvious when weaving high density, heave Adopting bearing support and forced circulation lubrication. 

Itwon'twearthe copper sleeve since neglect and give rise to break the beating up shaft Cancel the sub brake clutch of loom, which realize realloom without any clutch Adopting Optical fiber communication between the mian servo andmain control board fast and anti-interference. 

With Hanging type connection for heald frame. Easy for adjust thheight of heald frame and change fabric pattern Adopting electric pick finding, simple structure and easy for adjust. 

Autoontrol the heald leveling as well as leveling time Adopting new process of slide and shed adjustment, to solve theproblem that'it's hard to adjust the shed after changing the reed width Adoping forced lubrication and cooling function,to ensure thelow temperature rise.

Adopting single oil pump drives the oil circuit,closed forced circulation lubrication system and forced water-cooling mechanism, ensure the loomtemperature rise not exceed 30°C and guarantee all the moving parts to obtaiin good lubrication and long life.  

Adopting own patented technology, it become more easier in connection between heald frame and dobby link rod. When changing thepattern, heddle frame can be moved quickly.  

Superior way of weft clamping, to ensure the smooth handover of weft (by wide rapier tape or narrow rapier tape two ways).

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