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Jute Fabric Weaving Machine TD788



High Speed Rapier Loom

Rapier loom

High Speed Rapier Loom

Jute Fabric Weaving Machine TD788

main feature :

Jute Fabric Weaving Machine TD788, an improvement on the traditional shuttleless loom, is designed to weave a variety of fibers including cotton, wool, hemp, jute, and blended yarns. Its speed is significantly higher than that of a shuttle loom, resulting in increased unit output and fabric quality. Additionally, it's versatile and features 4 colors of weft selection, automatic weft color change per weft, and automatic detection of broken wefts.    

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Product details



    Jute fabric Rapier loom ,jute fabric weaving machine is a development model of TONGDA Company. lt has 4 colors weft selection,exchangeing color per weft and automatic finding broken weft.



    This loom is used to weave crude fibre(cotton,wool,hemo,jute),chemical fibre and blending yarn etc. lt has 4 colors weft selection,exchangeing color per weft and automatic finding broken weft



    TD-788 model jute fabric Rapier Loom is improved on the base of Model 728 shuttleless loom.. lt's speed increases very much than the shuttle loom,that the model loom can evidently improve unit area  output and fabric quanlity.Also its suitability is wide.

Main technical parameters



Reed width (cm)

180(74") 200(78") 230(90") 250(98")

280(11 0") 330(130")

340(133") 360(141”)

Rotation speed(R.P.M)


Weft selection Yarn count

1-4 Colors

Dia.of warp beam(mm)

jute yarn 7-60Ne,

Chemical fabric 100-650D

Dia.of rolling-up(mm)

0 - 600 0 - 400

Number of heddle frame


Insertion rate(m/min)


Electrical control


Motor power(KW)




Overall size(mm)

5400x1 827x2120(8250px/1 30")

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