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Large Package Winding Machine TD-MLD



Used in the production of various kinds of cone yarn, for warping machine, knitting machine, tatting machine and hosiery machine.

Rewinding machine

Used in the production of various kinds of cone yarn, for warping machine, knitting machine, tatting machine and hosiery machine.

Large Package Winding Machine TD-MLD

main feature :

The large package winding machine TD-MLD which designed for winding cotton yarn, chemical fiber, and filament, low stretch yarn tolarge package of 8 or 10 inch.This machine can be set the length of winding,When yarn breaks it will stop automatically ;whenyarn is fully filled it will also stop;also it has the function of slow start,heat-setting and oiling.This machine assembles with XKH 8or10 inch Ni-P alloy grooved drums with great groove shapewhich have the advantages of good wear resistance and static elimination.    

Product details

It’s designed for winding cotton yarn, chemical fiber, and filament, low stretch yarn to large package of 8 or 10 inch.

Vertical winder path with no inflection point, little friction and less hairiness. It is appropriate for high speed winding.

Double points tension control system with micro motors, uniform yarn tension. The forming of cheese is good and it can waxing automatically.

Ni-P alloy groove drum with optimized groove shape, which have the advantages of good anti-overlapping characteristics, light weight, good wear resistance, and static elimination.

Single winding motor control for each spindle, electronic fixed-length, single spindle automatic stop while yarn breaking or fully filled.

Main technical parameters


Technical Parameters

Mechanical speed

Up to 800m/min(depending on yarn quality and count)

Package bobbin


Package diameter

Up to φ 290 mm

Package weight

Up to10kg

Yarn / count

Cotton. flax, wool,silk, chemical fiber /Ne 6…180

Power consumption

Installed power: 100W/spindle for 8 inch machine, 180W/spindle for 10 inch machine.


Each spindle has a yarn tensioner and a waxing unit

Auto stop while yarn break

With electronic yarn sensor, the spindle will stop when yarn break

Automatic length fixing

Automatic length fixing,max:999999m

Slow start

For smooth start and better winding quality, supporting individual slow start for each spindle

Electronic yarn clearer


Air splicer


Travelling blower

Optional, power consumption1.1KW

External dimensions

(8 inch with 4 spindles )1500mm×408mm×1510mm,

(10 inch with 4 spindles) 1700×408mm×1510mm


Weight of whole machine

8 inches with 4 spindles: 105kg

10 inches with 4 spindles: 115kg

Power supply

Single phased 220V ,50/60HZ

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