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Medical gauze weaving machine TDM710



High Performance Weaving machine

Air jet loom

High Performance Weaving machine

Air jet loom TDM-710

main feature :

Medical gauze weaving machine TDM-710 is an efficient and user-friendly weaving machine. It is suitable for gauze fabrics, simple texture cotton fabrics, chemical fiber fabrics, and blend fabrics. It can save up to 50% of energy and has an individual and central air supply system. The man-machine interface control system also helps reduce manufacturing costs.     

_0001_1000 × 560 TDM-710
_0000_TDM-710             2461 × 2331(1)

Product details

Function and characteristics

Air pump is installed outer side of the frame for easy installation, maintainance and debugging, simple operation.

This product is a kind of energy saving and simple independent air jet loom.

Weft insertion mode is controlled by the electromagnetic valve, the main auxiliary combined nozzle and profied reed.

Four Linkage Beating-up,mechanical let-off, mechanical take up.

Shedding mechanism adopts a crank or cam shedding, weaving in cheap fabric, energy saving can reach>50%.

Less investment, quick effect, it is the most ideal transformation models in this period.

Main technical parameters

Air supply type

independent type

Reed space

190, 230, 280cm

Weft selection

electronic single or double nozzles

motor power

3.8kw, 4.0kw, 4.5kw



weft insertion

main, auxiliary nozzle with a profiled reed,

single pump angle adjustment, the electromagnetic valve control


crank or cam

take up

mechanical or electronic

Let -off



planetary gear



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