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Metallic Wire Unreel Device TDM-CV



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Metallic Wire Unreel Device TDM-CV

main feature :

The Metallic Wire Unreel Device TDM-CV, features variable frequency speed regulation. The control system ensures smooth and precise speed adjustment. The linear guide and material wheel mechanism ensure smooth movement with no damage to the cylinder.    


Product details

Variable frequency speed regulation, the refund any control around the speed.

Linear guide and guide material wheel, around the back in order.

No damage to the cylinder doffer iron births, discharging wide from either.

Main technical parameters

Unreel speed: 0~80rpm

Arrange breadth: 1.5~6.5mm

Power: 220V 50HZ/0.75KW

Packing size: 1000x750x1100 

G/n weight:135/100kg

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