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Individual Components in the Nowoven System

Single units in Nowoven system

Individual Components in the Nowoven System


main feature :

The pre-opener TDKB  belongs to nonwoven fabric machines. It is used to open and blend the fibers prior to the next process.There are several options for the opener depends on the fibers to be used.These options are: A) Toothed opener, B) Pin plate opener, or C)Wired opener.A plate magnet is included for metal extraction. Alarm and reverse running when jammed.     


Product details

The main opener adopts card pin to open fibers.

The machine frame is made by high quality welded carbonaceous steel withδ10mmThickness; after getting backfired and qualitative treatment, it could release stress completely.

The feeding horizontal lattice is wooden, with the width of 1180mm and perimeter 2800mm.

The opener is equipped with mightiness magnet to suck the metal impurity;

The diameter of feeding rollers is φ75mm, both up and bottom rollers have surface groove, while the upper one increases pressure via spring. The rollers and feeding lattice are controlled by 0.75kw×4 poles ordinary motors which are matched with 70/60:1 worm wheels;

The diameter of the opener roller is φ400mm, and flange matched with card wire plate.

The high speed centrifuge feeding fan is independent, the feeding motor and opening roller’s motor are interlocked, while the feeding is equipped with back forth switch.

Blower fan motor is 2.2kw×4 poles; meanwhile the feeding pipes are galvanized zinc with the diameter of φ200mm.

Way of control: the control box of this machine is set on the side wallboard of the feeding lattice, when the feeding lattice and rollers are running, they were controlled by the photo-electricity fixed on the feeder, and it has back and forth switch.

Main technical parameters

Machine width


The diameter of the roller


Speed of conveyor lattice




Main driving


eeding roller




total power


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