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Ring frame for wool spinning FB505



Precision engineering for consistent yarn quality.

Ring spinning machine

Precision engineering for consistent yarn quality.

Ring frame for wool spinning FB505

main feature :

The Wool Ring Frame FB505, with an automatic doffer and electric drafting system, is suitable for a wide range of fibers and offers increased production with reduced manpower and energy consumption.    


Product details

This machine is suitable for the pure spinning or mixed spinning engi-neering of chemical fiber and wool by which it feeds the thick yarnswith or without twists to go through the procedures of stretching,twisting and rolling before becoming a single wool thread with acertain Nm.

The frame is suitable for different length of fibers because 3-rollerand 2-apron drafting system is used.It is also fitted with TEXPARTSPK1601 drafting arms.The press of drafting arm is adjustable.Theyarns are with good evenness because of strong control to fibers.Automatic dripper oiling motions assure lubrication to drafing gears.

New Spindle ZD 3213 is used.It is with good absorption of vibra-tion and super endurance,and can be suitable for high operatingsperating speed and output.

It adopts AC transducer and during a certain period of doffing,itcan change its operation speed according to the graphs,which caneffectively reduce the breaking points.Under the control of PLC,itrealizes the automatic control on the operation of whole machine anddemonstrates spindle speed,line speed of front roller,twists,yields,length and other technical parameters.

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