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Roller Clothing & Grinding Appliance TDM-DV



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Roller Clothing & Grinding Appliance TDM-DV

main feature :

Roller Clothing & Grinding Appliance TDM-DV is designed to cater to the wide range of applications, particularly for combed cotton and cotton waste treatment. It comes equipped with a licker-in pack mill, which can be coated with a light licker-in and features a birth lock type rack. The panel control ensures ease of use, while the stepless speed regulation provides optimal performance. Additionally, the special grinding wheel ensures high-quality output.    


Product details

To adapt to the widely, combed cotton cotton waste treatment licker-in pack mill.

Can be coated light licker-in and since birth lock type rack.

Panel control, stepless speed regulation.

Special grinding wheel, good quality.

Main technical parameters

Licker-in roller diameter: ≤Φ450mm

Licker-in roller length: 1000~1500mm

Power: 380V 50HZ/1.87KW

Packing size: 1800x1070x1150

G/n weight: 670/600kg

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