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Sectional Warping machine TDGA558



High Quality Warping Machine

Warping machine

High Quality Warping Machine

Sectional Warping machine TDGA558

main feature :

The Sectional Warping machine TDGA558, powered by a servo motor, boasts an intuitive operation system. It features beam tension and braking control via electro-mechanical hydropneumatic during warping, and all production data is stored for your convenience.     


Product details

The traverse of warping operation panel is accurately controlled by servo motor.The staring point setting and stripe setting can be achieved automatically once by pressing the button.

The forward and back movement of warping operation panel is controlled by a step motor,so that the distance between space reed and yarn on drum is consultant and the distance is optional.

To keep the yarn on the drum can gain constant speed when winding and unreeling,the new technology,AC frequency converter speed adjustment device,which controlled by computer to realize the sleepless monitor,is put into practice.

The machine is braked by an electronic-mechanical-hydro-pneumatic device during warping.the beaming tension control adopted extemal steel strip damping,which eliminates the noise and uneven tension problems occured in the traditional clamping type damping.

The optional automatic power control system can be equipped according to the requirements.

Main technical parameters

(1) Working width 2300-5500mm

(2 Beam flange dia. ≤φ1000mm

(3) Warping speed 0~600m/min

(4) Beaming speed 0~150m/min

(5) Brake distance ≤3m( when speed is 100m/min)

(6) Section width 0~600.0mm(standard) as requirement

(7) Traverse displacement speed 0.001~9.999mm/r

(8) Cone angle 9°(1:6.3)

(9) Cone length 1320

(10) Section traverse deviation ±0.01mm

(11) Creel is as your requirements.

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