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Series Multi-mixer FA027



Complete clean and open cotton machines


Complete clean and open cotton machines

Series Multi-mixer FA027

main feature :

The Multi-Mixer FA027, equipped with a PLC controlling system, can uniformly blend various fibers in an automatic and productive manner, thereby enhancing the overall production process.    

FA027 Series Multi-mixer
FA027 Series Multi-mixer

Product details

FA027 Series multi mixer is used for blending cotton, chemical fiber or blends. After fiber is filed into FA027,Airflow blows it into every hopper evenly to form a airflow blending. The fiber in every hopper is conveyed in a 90° turn. And the excessive fiber is thrown into blending room to attain fine mixture.

Intensive Three lines mnsure, all kinds of fiber can be even blended.

The pressure is hopper can be automatically monitored, controlling bale plucker to start or stop.

Transport belt and spike lattice are controlled by motor with inverter, can be stepless speed regulation.

Sensitive detect section, obtaining continuous running of the whole process.

Main technical parameters


Used for processing cotton and chemical fibers

or blends in length less than 65mm

Transport belt speed (m/min)

0. 06〜0. 81

Spike lattice speed (m/min)

13. 3〜129. 5

Overall dimension (L x W x H) (mm)

6787 x A x 4122

Net weight (kg)


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