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Short Fiber Two-For-one Twister TD588



High speed Twisting machine

TFO Twisting machine

High speed Twisting machine

Short Fiber Two-For-one Twister TD588

main feature :

The Short Fiber Two-For-one Twister TD588 with max line speed to 80 m/m. Advanced of the type of driving which reduce the load of belt, spindles and bearing add prolong their life. Save energy and reduce consumption. Compact fuselage. reduce the occupation of land. With balloon limiter, the spindles Can running higher Speed.    

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Product details




    1.Special components of the twisting system. Structure of the winding system. Processing accumulation.



    2.Doubling machine - The function of the yarn doubling machine is to combine two or more single yarns (cotton, wool, polyester chemical fiber and blended yarns) on the yarn doubling machine to make a yarn bobbin.



    3.This product can combine 2 to 3 strands of cotton, wool, hemp, chemical fiber and blended yarns to form a double yarn package. It is suitable for the processing of subsequent processes such as double twister.

Main technical parameters

Suitable yarn range

Ne3/2~160/2 cotton yarn.CVC.wool yarn.blended yarn,etc

No. of sections

≤13,standard 10 sections



Twist direction

S or Z Direction

Traverse length

152mm (Stepless-adjusted)

Angle of wind

Setting direct(Stepless-adjusted)

Rated power(KW)

Standard 22kw+1.3kw+2.5kw

Winding bobbin

Bobbin length 170mm 40mm 585mm 668mm 68mm

Supply bebbin size (inner diameter x outer diameter x length)


Spindle tensioner


Start mode

Soft start

Cradle elavating

Single spindle delayed pneumatic lifting

Take-up diameter(mm)

Max φ280

Take-up speed(m/min)

Max 80(m/min)

Spindle driving

Direct motor drive,Stepless speed regulation of frequency conversion

Winding mode

Power-off synchronous electronic system

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