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Silk ring spinning frame FK506



Precision engineering for consistent yarn quality.

Ring spinning machine

Precision engineering for consistent yarn quality.

Silk ring spinning frame FK506

main feature :

The Silk ring spinning frame FK506 with an Exact headstock driving system is the foundation for producing high-quality yarn. The headstock is equipped with an open auto-dropping lubrication system and a smoothed driving system. The headstock of FA50 is equipped with a closed circulating bath lubrication system, ensuring cleanliness and sufficient lubrication. The machine adopts the CAPD technology, optimizes the middle frame arrangement, adds spring pieces, ensuring better anti-seismic properties and smooth running. The machine features a high-precision main shaft, stable and reliable driving, and a maximum spindle speed of 25000 rpm. The air channel design is optimized, improving the suction effect, ensuring minimal differential air suction at high speeds. For building can driving motion, a precise worm box is used, eliminating intermittent stopping and ensuring no coil slippage during high-speed winding. The roving creel is made from steel plate, providing a perfect appearance. The machine is equipped with a traveling cleaner, corespandex yarn spinning device, slubby yarn spinning device, and roving traveling device. (Optional) The machine can be equipped with various compact spinning devices. The up-suction and underground-suction options are available at the customer's discretion. The top pulley is made from ABS material, optionally.    


Product details




    1.Exact headstock driving system is the foundation of produucing high quality yarn. The headstock of FA506 is equipped with open auto-dropping Iubrication and smoother driving.The headstock of FA506 is equipped with a closed circulating bath lubrication. It is clear and tidy. It ensure a sufficient lubrication and smoother driving.



    2.Adopt the CAPD technology,optimize arrangement of middle frame,add up the spring pieces,ensure a better aseismic property and smooth running.The machine adopts the high precision main shaft,and thee driving is stable and reliable.The maximum mechanical speed for spindle is up to 2500Orov/min.Optimize design for the air channel, improve the suction effect,ensure the least different air suction at high speed running.For building can driving motion, using the precise worm box,eliiminate the interim stopping,ensure without the coil slippage while winding-con high speed wider.



    3.The roving creel is shaped by steel plate,makes perfect lopoking.Equipped with traveling cleaner,corespandex yarn spinning device,Slubby yarn sinning device and roving traveling device.(Cption)The machine can equipped with many kinds of compact spinning device Up-suction and underground-suction are at customer's ofption. Equipped with top pulley made from ABS material,option.

Main technical parameters



Spindle gauge


Spindle number

384, 396, 408, 420, 432, 444, 456, 468, 480, 492, 504, 516

Spindle speed

8000-16000 (rpm)


180mm, 205mm

Ring Diameler

Ф35mm, Ф38mm, Ф40mm, Ф42mm

Draft ratio

8-42 (M)

Twist Direction


Yarn counts



(Single-tier, 4rows or 6rows)

Spindle wharce sia

Ф135x340mm (MAX)

Power input

 (three-phase four-wire system)

Main motor

 (Dual speed motor, Variable frequency motor)

Blow suction cleaner

 (Can be equipped with reciprocating type)

Full machine length

516 20370mm, 420 17018mm, 38415750mm

Fullmachine width


Full aircraft height

 (无吹吸风为 2300mm) (2300mm without blowing and suction)

Machine weight

420锭 约 5.96t

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