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Single Roller Cleaner FA107



Complete clean and open cotton machines


Complete clean and open cotton machines

Single Roller Cleaner FA107

main feature :

The Single Roller Cleaner FA107 is designed with a free-hold opening to minimize fiber damage. It features a V-type beater for increased efficiency and can be driven by a pulley or inverter motor. The grids distance can be manually adjusted to cater to various processing demands. An optional intermittent or continuous exhaust device is available. Additionally, the special construction aids in removing dust and short fibers.    

FA107 Single Roller Cleaner
FA107 Single Roller Cleaner

Product details

FA107 Single Roller Cleaner is an efficient pre-process cleaner, suitable for every kind of raw cotton. Material inside is opened sufficiently by flexibility beating several times in freedom after five and half circles. During opening, cotton is separated from dust. Material opened and purified is transported next process.

Opened with free hold, decrease the firber damage.

V type beater, flexible and high efficient.

Beater can be driven by pulley or inverter motor.

Grids distance cann be adjusted manually, meet the variety processing demand. Intermittent or continuous exhaust device is optional.

Specia construction, increase removing of dust and short fiber.

Main technical parameters

Production (kg/h)


Working width (mm)


Pinned beater diameter (mm)


Pinned beater

Control by pulley or inverter

Power installed (kw)


Overall dimension



Added tuft: overall height 2450

Net weight (kg)


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