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Sizing machines TDJS



Fully automatic sizing machine

Sizing machine

Fully automatic sizing machine

Sizing machines TDJS

main feature :

The TDJS Sizing Machines are equipped with servo or inverter motors to drive different units. They are controlled by a PLC system for precise parameter setting, including tension, elongation, squeezing pressure, and more. The system also auto-adjusts yarn moisture regain and displays it on the screen. Box and drying temperatures are also automatically controlled. 

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Product details

TDJS series sizing machines are appropriate for sizing of cofton yarn, polyester-cotton yarn,  blending fiber. 

Our company combine actual situation of sizing process in China, successively developed electromechanical multi-unit sizing machine. 

We have two-unit, five-unit, seven-unit  and nine-unit sizing machine. Driving control can be either Siemens servo control or Japanese  inverter control. 

Our machine can be designed based on cusstomer's actual situation and to  satisfy customer's requirements.



    Large package headstock with adjustable width, inverter motor wiinding with servo control Beam can do positive and negative winding, applicable to the requirenments of double beam broad width looms



    The winding tension of beam is stepless set, and maximum ternsion is 60KN

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