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TD-1300 Opening Recycling Line



Supporting you in the recycling of textile waste

Cotton waste recycling machine

Supporting you in the recycling of textile waste

TD-1300 Opening Recycling Line

main feature :

The machine body is composed of TD-1300 opening and cleaning rollers. Thhe line is improved based on rich and advanced experience in Chinese cotton processing, which replace chains, geling by speed reducer driving to lowe happening of chains slipping and machinery parts damage greatly. Eachdriving part is equipped an speed reducer which controls the driving system independently, so the user can adjust the speeed accordingly to the material to achieve the best opening performance in the process. 

The adoption of air flow driving lowergreatly the happening of fire. After years of running test, the machine line is safe,fire-fight, high capacity,low consumption of electricity, eco-friendly and win popularity in customers by its compact design structure.

TD-1300 machine uses high speed centrifugal force generated by cylinder rto remove the hard impurities in wast raw material and to loosen fiber for further use after rolling up.

The macidely used to process cotton dips, leftover waste yam, old clothes thread and flax etc.


Product details

The machine line is compact in structure and easy to operate with safetyand good dust removing features. The opening recycling line is fully enclosed, energy-saving and environmental friendly. By manual feeding, the waste material will be placed more evenly and it is easy for labors to pick up mstuff or foreign matter in the first time to avoid damage to equipment and fire accident. The waste recycling system is equiprear of the first opener and the drop waste material will be transported back to condenser for further processinough the pipes by airflow. All cleaning machines are enclosed. 

The material processed by first opener will be directed to tecond opener and then material will go to the cleaning system. Each cleaning cylinder has its separate waste material coecting pipe and all unopened material will be transported back to the first opener by airflow for further recyding. 

Airforking method replaces the bamboo conveyor and rubber conveyor, which is tidy, safe and fire precaution. Speed

frequency control is applied instead of traditional chain-driven working. The driving part of each opener and cleaner is contrd by frequency PRC device. Fire fighting device is fixed on each cylinder.

Main technical parameters

Opening machine Overal dimensions

(installed safety case LxWxH)


Recycling machine Overal dimensions

(installed safety case LxWxH)





200kg-250kg/h, depending on different material

Capacity of removing impurities


Cylinder diameter


Cylinder rotation speed


Power (kw)

Card clothing/pin/Utype

Wire of cylinder


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