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Towel rapier loom TD-737A



Excellent Rapier-type Terry Towel Loom

Terry towel rapier loom

Excellent Rapier-type Terry Towel Loom

Towel rapier loom TD-737A

main feature :

Towel rapier loom TD-737A is designed to weave various spiral satin or small Jacquard satin towels for using cotton, wool, and blended yarns. It's particularly suitable for heavy fabric production. The machine boasts high reliability in making-terry and convenience in adjustments. It features an electronic warp let-off and tension detector structure to ensure even yarn distribution. With a short crank arm and increased beating-up force during weaving, it guarantees sufficient strength for weaving heavy-duty towels.    


Product details

1.Adopt the cam with eccentric shaft structure for making terry motion and replaces the old type of knocking bill motion structure.That assure the machine having high reliability of making-terry and regulating conveniency.
2.Adopts the electron warp let-off and tension detector structure,get the quantity of sending yarn to be even.
3.Adopts the automatic finding weft device,make the take-up motion,roll-up motion,let-up motion and dobby motion to be sunchronous when the machine stops for weft broken.That avoid motion mark and simplify the process of connecting stain.
4.Using short crank arm beating-up motion,increasing greatly the beating-up force during weaving that ensures the enough strengh to weave the heavy duty towels.
5.Adopts the short beating-up arm that assure the machine having enough rigidity when weaving heavy duty towels.
6.The heddle frame number can reach 20 to 22 pages.The machine can be installed the electrin weft selection equipment.
7.The dobby is closed down that can stop the dust getting in the moving elements.The oiling for the moving elements adopts continuous oil bath to replace the handwork oiling.That assur all moving elements in the oil bath at all time.

Main technical parameters



Reed width (cm)



Rotation speed(r.p.m)


Weft selection


Yarn count

cotton: 7Ne_60Ne,Wool 12Ne-100Nm

Chemical fabric: 100D-650D

Dia.of terry beam

terry 0800mm,ground 0800mm

Dia.of ground beam

0 400mm

Let-off type

positive electric let-off

Terry raising type

producting terry by movable reed

Height of terry (mm)

making terry by cam system

Shedding mechanism

upper-placed mechanical dobbyspring reversing

(24pages of shaft)

Number of heddle frame


Weft stop

piezoelectric control

Warp stop

Scrows electric warp stop

Electric control

vertical spindle driving

Motor power(KW)




Overall size(LxWxH)


5200x21 20x2500mm (5750px /78n) LxWxH

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