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TD-620 Vertical-Blading Cutting Machine



Supporting you in the recycling of textile waste

Cotton waste recycling machine

Supporting you in the recycling of textile waste

TD-620 Vertical-Blading Cutting Machine

main feature :

This cutting machine adopts vertical cuting method.

The waste material will be transported by conveying belt to the cutting device and be cut by knives in required sizes for further recycling use.


Product details

This cutter uses low speed and large torque motor: With Cycloidal reducer and speed frequency control on conveying process, all parts are easy to be operated and maintained. This machine wil help to improve production efficiency with its durable, stable and safe performance.This cutting machine can be applied in cotton, clips, yarns, flock, polyester and other textile waste material cutting.

Main technical parameters

Overall dimensions (L x W x H)

2300mm (3730mm if with conveyor in discharge outlet)


Machine weight

Main motor15KW (6 poles)
Supporting motor1.5KW( frequency speed)
Cutting width600mm
Cutting length20mm-300mm

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