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Winding Precision assenbly TDP688



Used in the production of various kinds of cone yarn, for warping machine, knitting machine, tatting machine and hosiery machine.

Doubling machine

Used in the production of various kinds of cone yarn, for warping machine, knitting machine, tatting machine and hosiery machine.

Winding Precision assenbly TDP688

main feature :

Winding Precision assembly TDP688 as the doubling machine which preparing for the weaving unit, with electric guiding yarn technology, break traditional winding ways, By using air jet and electronic tension device, Making 1-3 filament yarns combine together. Adopting electromagnetic force with highly automatic and intelligent level.    

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Product details

  • Winding Package Capacity

    Winding Package Capacity

    Though precise arrangement, the density is increased by 30% and the winding capacity is increased by 30%.

  • Unwinding Tension

    Unwinding Tension

    Unwinding tension is even in the next process of twisting, with possibility of yarn broken ends. Compared to 5 circles as one round trip for grooved drum winder machine, TDW88 precision assembly winder machine can set max. 12 circles. The twist balloon tension is stable and yarn twist is more even.

  • Traverse Yarn Guide

    Traverse Yarn Guide

    Adopt electronic traverse yarn guide mode, which completely solves the problems of yarn splitting of grooved drum and oil-spotted yarn.

  • Production Yarn Speed

    Production Yarn Speed

    High yarn production speed, with max. yarn speed of 1200 m/min, Based on different raw materials , set suitable speed and process which can improve production efficiency.

  • Single Spindle Control System

    Single Spindle Control System

    Yarn length meter with high accuracy, precision rate within 0.5%, also yarn length is with good consistency. The traverse and oblique angle can be adjusted steplessly, and the "chrysanthemum heart" and "convex edge" can be avoided effectively by adjusting .

Main technical parameters



Suitable Yarn

Cotton and wool short fiber yarns or cotton, wool short fiber yarns and spandex

Yarn Count Range

10-3000 Dtex ne3-80 (nm5-135)

Feeding Yarn Diameter

Maximum: 230 mm

Full Package Weight

Maximum: 5kg

Spindle Arrangement

Single sided or double sided arrangement

Transmission Device

Single spindle

No. of Spindles / Section

Standard 4 spindles

No. of spindles

Max. 60 spindles for single-sided, max. 120 spindles for double-sided

Spindle Gauge

Standard 450mm

Section Length


Winding Mode

Digital winding, precise winding

Package Form

Program freely

Bobbin Type

Minimum diameter of empty bobbin; Inner diameter of 37.5mm, outer diameter
of 43mm

Length of Empty Bobbin

170mm or 230mm

Winding Diameter

Maximum: 280mm

Traverse Length


Mechanical Speed

Maximum 1200m/min (Process speed depends yarn and technical parameters)

Power Frequency


Installed Power Per Spindle


Actual Power Consumption Per Spindle

0.05-0.10 kW/spindle (Vary depending on different processes)

Overhead Blower Power (Optional)


Environmental Conditions

Air temperature 20-30℃relative humidity (without condensate water) 50%-75%


yarn cleaner; tension sensor; spandex device; single yarn tension auxiliary

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