Spectacular machine aesthetics! Visit Tongda Factory with me: RS30D Rotor Spinning Machine

Sep 07 2022

Spectacular machine aesthetics! Visit Tongda Factory with me: RS30D Rotor Spinning Machine

SR30D Rotor Spinning Machine

What are the advantages of RS30D rotor spinning machine?

1. The RS30D rotor spinning machine uses new spinning technology, optimized fiber delivery channels, and adjustable waste removal system to adapt to a variety of raw materials.

2. Semi-automatic splicing technology, step feeding The precise cooperation of the cotton and the cylinder lifts out the close to the original yarn shape and strong joint.

3. Electronic servo traverse and single-sided independent drive technology, the highest yarn delivery speed of 200 meters / minute, electronic traverse greatly simplifies the mechanical structure and reduces failures Rate, the whole machine's motor is independently driven by the frequency conversion to achieve double-sided spinning with different raw materials and different yarn counts.


Tongda RS30D Rotor Spinning Line Display

Shandong Tongda Textile Machinery was founded in 1952, mainly produces cleaning machines, carding machines, drawing frames, roving frames, rotor spinning frames, ring spinning frames, water jet looms, non-woven machinery, etc. Tongda Textile Machines have been widely used by thousands of cotton yarn and textile manufacturers.

We provide:
1. Provide the whole line design of spinning mills for cotton yarn, polyester yarn, wool yarn, flax/linen yarn, including cleaning machine, carding machine, drawing frame, roving frame, ring machine, winder, open-end spinning machine and spinning mill air conditioning systems and waste collection systems.
2. Workshop layout design and trench design, as well as duct layout design.
3. Provide solutions for the entire weaving plant of cotton fabrics, polyester fabrics, jute fabrics, linen/linen fabrics, medical gauze fabrics, glass fiber fabrics, plastic mesh fabrics.
4. We provide whole line designs of geotextiles, needle-punched felts, non-adhesive cotton threads, cleaning cloth felts, thermally bonded cotton threads, automotive interiors, wool felts, filter materials, waterproof materials, etc.
5. Provide workshop layout design and machine layout design.
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