Air Jet Loom: Features, Working Principle, Advantages

Sep 22 2022

Air jet loom is one kinds of shuttle less loom. Normally, air jet loom uses a jet of air for propelling the filling yarn through the weaving shed. It requires uniform filling yarn. They are suitable use with medium weight yarns then very light and very heavy yarn. Air jet loom is one of the two types of fluid jet looms where another one is water jet loom.

 _Photo Model : TDA-910 Air Jet Loom

Air Jet Loom Features:

  1. In case of air jet loom, higher weft insertion performance occurred.

  2. Less power consumption in air jet loom.

  3. Air jet loom provides higher production than others.

  4. Light and medium fabric has produced here.

Air Jet Loom Working Principle:

Air Jet Loom is a kind of shuttleless air jet loom weaving which pulls weft yarn through the shed with the jet stream. Working principle of air jet loom weaving is the use of air as weft insertion medium, by ejecting compressed air to pull with the weft yarn friction traction, through weft shed, generated by the jet stream to achieve the goal of weft insertion.

 _Photo Model : TDA708 Medical Gauze Air jet loom for Medical Gauze

Air Jet Loom Advantages:

  1. High productivity.

  2. Low initial outlay.

  3. Simple operation and reduced hazard because of few moving parts.

  4. Reduced space requirements.

  5. Low noise and vibration levels.

  6. In case of air jet loom, noise level is lower than rapier loom.

  7. low spare parts requirement.

  8. It consumes very low power.

  9. Reliability and minimum maintenance.

Download Catalogue: TDA-910 Air Jet Loom   TDA708 Medical Gauze Air jet loom for Medical Gauze