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FX526 Flax Wet Spinning Frame:All You Need to Know


FX526 Flax Wet Spinning Frame:All You Need to Know



Tongda FX526 Flax Wet Spinning Frame is finally coming to market! Tongda FX526 Flax Wet Spinning Frame is a new model that has absorbed modern Western European technology and spontaneously developed a dual roller draft cradle with an overall design scheme. It is at the leading level in China. Suitable for pure spinning of hemp and chemical fibers with a length of less than 90mm. This machine has novel cradle structure, stable and reliable pressure, automatic stop device for broken end rollers, low breakage rate, wide spinning range, high spinning count, and high stable rotation speed of the body.


With the development of the world economy, the quality of cotton textile products has been greatly improved through compaction technology and electrical automation technology. The production technology of flax yarn seems to be backward. At present, most of the flax yarn production adopts the former Soviet Union's пм-88-л5 flax wet spinning machine technology, which adopts a single apron, double lightweight rollers and single-zone curve drafting mechanism. This model is the first of its kind. The drafting mechanism of the products of the Soviet Union in the 1980s has been used until now. It has not been updated and improved for 50 years. The linen yarn produced is affected by the quality of the raw materials and it is difficult to meet the market demand. Based on this, we have The group organized two groups of mechanical design and electrical automation personnel, a total of more than 10 people, to carry out special research and development of the drafting mechanism and automation parts. After 10 years of research and development experiments, it has finally taken shape, and has obtained good experimental data, and its quality has been constant. The performance has been greatly improved. The following is a separate introduction to the drafting mechanism and electrical automation parts:

1. Drafting mechanism:

The first is to introduce cotton and wool textile cradle technology into linen spinning frames; this part has obtained a new patent.

 Three new patents and two R&D patents have been obtained for the apron frame, middle roller, apron, pressure rod, etc. of the drafting mechanism.

A lot of time, manpower and financial resources were spent on the drafting mechanism, and the results have been greatly improved compared with the former Soviet Union spinning frame. The various indicators of the finished yarn have increased by more than 50%-60%.

The characteristics of the process are: it improves the speed control of the roving in the drafting area, so that the guidance and control of the fiber speed change tend to be balanced, and the speed change area of the fiber is more concentrated, thereby obtaining better quality yarn evenness.

2. All-electric intelligent transmission system

The electrical control part of the whole machine consists of human-machine interface (touch screen) host computer (PLC controller), frequency converter, servo controller, variable frequency motor, servo motor, etc. The main electrical control parts include the following three parts:

 The drafting roller, middle and rear rollers are independently driven, and are composed of an electric servo controller, a servo motor and a deceleration mechanism. The servo motor independently drives each part of the roller, eliminating the transmission method of the main motor driving the machine head.

 The bobbin forming adopts electronic cam technology, which is composed of servo controller, servo motor and reducer, eliminating the original mechanical cam (easy to wear).

The main motor directly drives the spindle to rotate through the spindle. It is composed of a variable frequency control point, a variable frequency motor and an electronic transmission part. Its function is that the host computer controls the main motor automatically based on various parameters set by the human-machine interface and calculated by the PLC. Adjust the spindle operation with high synchronization.

Based on the above design, the FX526 spinning frame is the most advanced flax wet spinning frame that integrates intelligence, excellent drafting system, and stable yarn quality.


Overall features:

Production efficiency is greatly improved;

The spinning quality is constant and the product quality is greatly improved;

The running end-breakage rate is less than 2%, and the end-retention rate after doffing is more than 95%;

Save electric energy significantly

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