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Types of Quilting Machines and How They Work


Types of Quilting Machines and How They Work



Tongda has different types of quilting machines for you to choose from, let's take a look at them together, as well as their features and advantages. 

1.Tongda Computerized High Speed Multi Needle Shuttle Quilting Machine

·Extreme precision with 360 intricated patterns including bartack and jump patterns with automatic top thread cut.

·High performance aircraft aluminium-alloy-baushless needle-drive parallelogram system assuring a smooth and frictionless high speed round the clock working without any maintenance.

·Unique design of upper creel makes it easy to exchange upper thread.

·Unique adjustable(0~50~80mm) active roll feeding system can adjust ideally materials of different thickness and allow perfect sewing without skipped stitches on very thick materials.

·Independent positive presser foot system,with wide possibilities of adjusting stroke and passage clearance, Capable of compressing thin or very thick filling materials(up to 80mm).

·Top fabric tray feeding device with adjustable brake, gives a constant and accurate top fabric tension control to any kind of fabric, independent of the rolls diameter.

·The photoelectric thread break detector has the features of high sensitivity.


2.Tongda Computerized Multi Needle Chain Stitch Shuttleless Quilting Machine

·New aluminum alloy needle bar and press plate aare controlled by a double-swinging device without cam avoiding lubrication and dirtyiing of material.

·360°Multi-span and independent patterns, automaticc thread trimming function.

·Self-developed " TONGDA Quilting System", alsosupports quilting embroidering mainstream DST format file, easy to operate.

·Computer host adopt the most advanced embeddeddoperating system and self developed motion control chip, fast response speed, long service life,good stability.

·Spindle driven by servo motor, it is able to changge speed and positive inversion, cooperate with software to complete the slice thread trimming function.

·Adopt international advanced slice thread trimming furction; effectively reduce the probability thread jump, more stable.

·Strong functions of pattern-combining and multi-span (1Tack & Jump) quilting to enable you to quilt different patterns in each row in the mattress of different sizes.

·High rigid machine body, high running speed, baalance running, high precision, lower rate jump threads, perfect pattern stitch.


3.Computerized Single Needle Quilting Machine(Industrial sewing machine head)

·This machine reaches the internations advanced level.

·The advance control software is applied and all technical performance has bee highly improved.

·The Maximum speed is up to 2200 RPM(the fast and most efficient in like product).

·The machine has the function of thread breaks detecting with Ihigh sensitivity.

·During the course of quilting, once it occurs power cut or shuit off, designs or parameters that have been already set will still be saved irthe computer for resuming the original designs while it selectrifiled.

·After reinforce quilting parameters are set, return stitch will berealized automatic quilting in a specifiled position. when there is a corner duririg the course of quilting , the quilter wil reduce the speed automatically.

·The machine greatly simplifies the transmission structure,plongs the service life and reduces the maintenance cost.


Tongda has been growing steadily since 1952 when the sspinning machine were developed. Tongda places its focus on becoming a professional supplierof Textile machinery and new materials with continuous development of modern ergonomic designs, a reliable service support network, and an efficient global network of logistics. Today, Tonggda machines are being widely used by thousands of cotton and yarn, textile manufacturers.

Along with product development, Tongda has beenawarded techonlogy patents. Special techniques in design and manufacturing have also been perfected .Tongda is an ISO9001, ISO14001, and ISO13485 company.The products are designed to meet the technical standards of 3C and CE. All the prodducts are certified by the Industry Administration Authority.

Tongda will continue to strive to be a stronger leader in the gllobal market of Quilting machinery.

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